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Bosch 45a/h 0/3 S4

145 GEL



S5/S4/S3 with PowerFrame® technology: Optimum starting performance for every passenger ca

With its S5, S4 and S3 batteries, Bosch offers three made-to-measure battery lines for a great variety of requirements and vehicle types. The grid with special PowerFrame ® technology – responsible for optimum electricity flow, lower corrosion and a longer service life – is crucial for the performance and reliability of these Bosch batteries. The S5, S4 and S3 therefore satisfy the stringent international quality requirements for cold starting performance and capacity.


  • 100 % maintenance-free
  • Maximum reliability
  • thanks to double backfire protection, which protects the battery from sparks even during transport and when tilted
  • Sealed battery cover prevents leakage of electrolyte
  • First-class quality from Bosch
  • Ergonomic handles for simple installation and easy transport